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Whole Rock Helium Data from ODP Site U1256D The data included here include whole rock helium measurements from Hole U1256D in the East Pacific. The samples are from IODP expeditions 312 and 335. Mark D Kurz 12/06/2018 View Details
Helium Isotopes and Helium and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Basaltic Vesicles and Glass from the Gulf of Aden New helium isotope results for basalt glasses along the West and East Sheba Ridges in the Gulf of Aden reveal a strong mantle plume signal similar to that observed in the Main Ethiopian Rift, with 3He/4He ranging up to 17 Ra. This signal be David W Graham 10/15/2018 View Details
Major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotope compositions of Tuvalu Island lavas (Rurutu Hotspot) Major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopic composition of dredged submarine lava samples from the Tuvalu Islands, Southwest Pacific, located between the Marshall/Gilbert Islands and Samoan (western) Seamounts. The purpose of the dataset Valerie A. Finlayson 04/01/2018 View Details
Nd isotope data for Réunion Island basalts and cumulate xenoliths This dataset contains neodymium isotope data for intraplate basalts and cumulates from Piton des Neiges and Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion (FR). It lists dynamically-corrected 142Nd/144Nd values, which were the focus of the study, dynam Bradley J Peters 03/01/2018 View Details
Whole Rock Composition Data for Garnet Pyroxenites from Arizona Whole rock composition data for garnet pyroxenites from Arizona. Monica Erdman 02/01/2018 View Details
Light stable isotopic compositions of enriched mantle sources: Resolving the dehydration paradox Volatile compositions of enriched mid-ocean ridge basalt are presented, including water concentrations (FTIR and TC/EA) and isotopic ratios of hydrogen (Conventional and TC/EA), boron (laser ablation ICP-MS), lithium (MC-ICP-MS) and oxygen Jacqueline E Dixon 11/05/2017 View Details
Major element, trace element, and volatiles in basalt glasses from Ontong Java Plateau New, high precision analyses of basalt glasses from Ontong Java Plateau including major elements by electron microprobe plus Cl, F, S, K and Ti using long counting times by electron microprobe and new H2O and CO2 measurments by FTIR. Sample Peter Michael 10/31/2017 View Details
Platinum-group elements (PGE), Re, Ni, Cu, Ag and Cd variations along the Reykjanes Ridge and Iceland South-West Neovolcanic Rift Zone, from 50°N to 65°N: Implications on sulfide bearing PGE mantle source heterogeneities and partial melting effects We report on the concentrations of platinum group elements (PGE), Re, Ag and Cd in 53 tholeiitic basalts and one picrite from the Reykjanes Ridge and its extension over Iceland. The purpose is to investigate sulfide bearing PGE mantle sourc Jean-Guy Schilling 09/01/2017 View Details
Major element and trace element and Sr-Nd isotope analyses of arc volcanic rocks from the eastern Mexican Volcanic Belt The datasets presented here include major element and trace element analyses, as well as Sr-Nd isotope analyses of arc volcanic rocks from the eastern Mexican Volcanic Belt with specific focus on calc-alkaline monogenetic volcanoes from the Susanne M. Straub 03/01/2017 View Details
Olivine phenocryst compositions from the Mexican Volcanic Belt Andesite petrogenesis was studied through electron microprobe analyses of high-Ni olivines from the eastern Mexican Volcanic Belt. Susanne M. Straub 03/01/2017 View Details
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